Baby Brother

I can’t say enough good things about this couple.  They are super cool, hip, fun and a joy to be around.  And, they are going to make fabulous parents.  Oh yeah – they also happen to be my baby brother and sister-in-law 🙂  But that’s besides the point…  They really are both great people that I am so proud of.  My brother is nine years younger than me, so I remember him as a baby and I can’t believe they are now having a baby of their own!  But I couldn’t be more excited for them and I cannot wait to meet my new little nephew!  Hope you like your pictures so far – I’ll have the rest for you soon!  Love you guys!!!

Here’s a shot of their other baby – Buster B-dog!

Buster copy

I’m sure they’re laughing at my hilarious jokes 🙂



One of my favs so far!  Buster can’t bear to watch this – ha!


Another favorite 🙂


Jumping for joy!





And one more…for the road!  Get it?  For the road?  Ha!  I’m so funny…


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