Back to School | Madison Alabama Children’s Photographer

Back to School | Madison Alabama Children’s Photographer

My little guy starts kindergarten this year and he couldn’t be more excited!  I, on the other hand, am kind of a mess 🙂  I”m super excited for him, but at the same time I’m pretty emotional about the whole growing up thing.  Something about starting in the school system makes it so real that he is actually a little boy now and no traces of baby left.  Although of course he will always be MY baby!  Anywho – before the water works start…  on to the pictures!  I wanted to get some “back-to-school”photos of him to commemorate the start of kindergarten, but I wanted something other than the typical first day of school shots.  I’ll get those too – but I wanted some special pictures this year since it’s our very first year in school.  I decided late one morning that I wanted to get these shots, but I had no idea where I wanted to do them, it was nearing lunch time, and my little model was not too excited about having his photo taken.  Since it was a weekend, my husband was along to help so we offered a McDonald’s bribe in exchange for full photo cooperation and headed off to find a spot.  Driving around town, we found the perfect location and unloaded the little desk and school items.  As soon as we got setup, I noticed what may or may not have been a ‘no trespassing”sign.  It was super faded, so that hardly counts, right????  Next my husband looks down and says,  “”Is that poison oak?””  YIKES!  With all things considered I decided if I wanted these photos I better work fast.  So I shot for about 5 minutes and we loaded back up and got the heck out of there!  I was worried that I might not have gotten what I wanted since we were rushed, but I am so happy with how they turned out.  These will definitely be going in a scrapbook that I am going to start for his school days 🙂  And I would love to do this setup for some back to school mini-sessions sometimes too!

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Madison Alabama Photographer

I just love this little guy 🙂  So excited for him to start this new journey into school, and can’t wait to grow along with him.  Tomorrow is the big day and I am getting my tissues ready now.  Hope your first day’s back all went well.


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