Chic Critique Photography Idol | Madison Alabama Photographer

I saw this contest for Chic Critique’s Photography Idol contest and thought it would be fun to enter – plus they have some really great prizes.  The hard part was picking just one photo that I think best describes my photography…  When I think about what I really love about photography though, it’s definitely emotions – the real emotions and moments that we as photographers are able to capture and preserve for generations to come.  Whether it’s the innocence of a sweet baby or the belly laughs of a toddler, an engaged couple truly in love, or a family’s lasting joy, it always comes back to the emotion for me.  I feel like this photo that I chose just really captures a true and pure joy between this couple, and that’s what I always want my photos to convey.  So here’s my entry to the Chic Critique Photography Idol contest – wish me luck!  🙂

Madison Alabama Engagement Photograper

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