Free Photos for North Alabama Tornado Victims | Huntsville Madison North Alabama Photographer

Free Photos for North Alabama Tornado Victims|Huntsville Madison North Alabama Photographer
Wow – this has been quite a week.  As many of you know, I am located in North Alabama where just about a week ago tornadoes ripped through our state causing total destruction.  My family was so lucky to not have any damage in our neighborhood, but there were so many who were not as fortunate.  Seeing all the damage up close and knowing that the tornadoes could have easily taken just a slightly different course has really affected me, and like many others, I just want to find a way to help.  I have spoken with and seen others on TV that had alot of damage and one thing they mentioned going back for and trying to salvage were their photographs.  Some were able to collect their photos and a few other belongings.  Others were not.  In any case, it really spoke to me about just how important our memories are.  It is for that reason that I would love to offer a free photo session and CD of images to any victims of the recent tornadoes.  If you lost your home, or had damage from the storms and lost photos, please don’t hesitate to contact me to set up a session, completely free of charge. I also know that if you are in that situation, right now getting photos done is probably the last thing on your mind.  You need time to regroup, time to rebuild, and time to just let things calm down a bit.  So this offer stands through 2011. Also, if you are a past client that lost photos due to damage from the storms please let me know.  I backup all sessions and store them for quite some time (I think I still have all sessions from when I started my business several years ago) and would love to replace them for you. I will be posting regular sessions from before the storms hit soon, but please know that I am thinking of all those who have been affected by these terrible storms, and pray for a quick recovery for the whole state of Alabama!  Feel free to email me ( with any questions – I would love to help how I can! ~Sarah

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