Giving is Awesome winner(s) announced!


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is out getting lot of sales today (or staying in and avoiding the crowds like me!)!  Today is also the day I said I would pick a winner from the Giving is Awesome nominations, but it was harder than I thought…

I had a great response to this giveaway and as I read through everyone’s nominations…it occurred to me that I was going to have a very hard time picking a winner.  My main criteria were that it be someone deserving of a free photo shoot, and someone that wouldn’t do it for themselves.  It was really touching to me that I had so many great nominations.  You all are really great friends and family to want to do something nice for loved ones that you see going through painful times, or working hard to make a better life for their children, or working with others’ children, etc.

As I went back and forth over who the winner should be, a few other things occurred to me.  First of all – I LOVE photography.  I love the memories, feelings, and short glimpses in time that can be captured by one click of the shutter.  I love looking back over the photos I have from as far back as I can remember and reliving those memories in my head.  And that being said, I had a hard time with my criteria of “it should be someone you feel is deserving of a free photo shoot.”  I think EVERYONE is deserving of having photos done with their family.  And second – why should I be the one to say well this person is more deserving than another.  So, this was extremely difficult for me…

However, sticking to the rules of the contest, I did select a grand prize winner that will win a full 2 hour session, the photos from your session on CD, as well as a 5×7 print of each, and a slideshow of the images.  Since I am just contacting them, I won’t use names, but the person that nominated them (KC) will also win a free session and a free 11×16 print!  So congratulations to my winner and nominator!

But, for everyone else that was nominated – I have a surprise for you too!  While I can’t offer full sessions to everyone that was nominated, I would love to offer a free mini-session!  I also have a special offer for all those that nominated people as well.  So check your inboxes, because I will be sending out the emails today.  So congrats to everyone and I hope you enjoy this long weekend with your families!

~Much Love,


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