I love it when a plan comes together… | Huntsville Madison Children’s Photographer

…but hate to see it come to an end!  This little guy is the first of my Baby plan babies to finish up his Baby plan sessions, and I have LOVED seeing him grow from the precious newborn perched on the hood of a mustang (see my scrolling blog header!) to the happy cake-eating one year old he is today!  I have actually run into he and his mom and sister at the park that we did this photo shoot in, so I knew it was somewhere they liked to come and play – what better place to document all the new activities he is enjoying as a growing toddler!  First a few family photos…

Then a little playing on the playground.  He loved the swings!

And what’s a birthday without a little cake?!?!  But note to self:  If I suggest and bring along a messy cake…  I should probably bring some wet wipes or something too.  Ooops!  Sorry about that parents!  I think it was worth it though 🙂

I am going to miss seeing this little guy every 3 months!  Since this is the first Baby plan I have had come to end, it got me thinking though…  why should babies have all the fun?  So…  I am working on a “Growing Family” plan, as well as revising my Baby plan a little, to include some new prices, great discounts, and fun extras!  Look for details on that coming this week!

Hope you like the preview pics G family!  More coming your way soon 🙂


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