The good ‘ol days! | Huntsville Madison Alabama Family Photographer

I have done photos for this family a couple times…first some senior pictures for the oldest son (still can’t believe he’s going off to college!), then some of the younger two.  This time, mom decided she wanted some updated pictures of her with her kids and I think that’s GREAT!  How many times are we, as moms, not in the family photos because we’re the ones taking them?!?  This happens alot – I know from experience!  And I know alot of moms who say, “oh I don’t want to be in the pictures anyway.”  Again, I know from experience – I’m one of these moms 🙂 I shouldn’t limit this to moms; there are alot of dads guilty of this too.  But when your kids are older, you will want to remember all the fun you had with them when they were little.  And more important – THEY will want to see these photos of YOU when YOU were younger too!  Don’t you love looking back at photos of you and your parents?  I mean, how else would I remember that time my dad decided (or was it my mom that decided…) that he should have an oh-so-fashionable perm?!?!  (Sorry dad…I don’t think he reads my blog anyway :))  So parents – especially moms (and dads with perms), step away from the camera and get in the shot.  You and your kids will love these memories, and cherish these photos in years to come!  I saw a shirt the other day that I loved – it said, “The good ‘ol days are now.”  I love it – this is life, live it and create your own memories right now!  And while you’re at it, get some photos of it to remember it by!!!  I will step down off my soapbox now, but I just love that this momma wanted a photo shoot specifically for HER and the kids, and I had so much fun photographing you all!  Hope you like the preview pictures so far – more coming soon!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  Remember to reserve your Christmas Mini-Session or book your fall session now!  More posts coming soon!


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