This is a Train Museum! | Huntsville Madison Alabama Child Photographer

Coming from a long history of rail-roaders, I felt compelled to tell you right off the bat that these photos were taken at a Train Museum – not live railroad tracks.  They do use them for train rides, but the museum was closed, and they knew we were there and said it was ok.  I don’t photograph on live tracks, because I hear there is a big fine it you’re caught, plus it’s just dangerous.  Whew – I feel better now.  Ok – let’s get on to the photos!

So I have photographed this little guy 4 times now and he is always so much fun!  Mom told me he was really into trains now, so this was the perfect place to do his four year old photos!  He loved checking out all the trains and telling me which ones were who off the Thomas the Train cartoon.  We had such a fun time – here are a few of the photos from our session.  Also be sure to go to my Facebook Page to see more photos from this session!

Huntsville Alabama Madison Alabama Childrens Photographer



Huntsville Alabama Madison Alabama Childrens Photographer


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