Here comes the sun…

After driving to the photoshoot location on a dreary, rainy day, I knew our originally scheduled session wasn’t going to happen.  We rescheduled for a few days later, but the forecast didn’t look good.  As I drove back to the location I was skeptical, but then wait – what’s that? Could it really be?  THE SUN!  It has been scarce around here lately.  Luckily this day the sun decided to stick around for a while, and I’m so glad it did.  Here are a few from our sunny day…






I had to include this one…everytime I have done a shoot at this location, we have seen frogs.  Little man was quick to catch a couple and carried them around the park with us.  At one point, I remember hearing, “Dad, can you hold my frogs while I get my picture taken?”  Ha!


Since this was a family shot, little man had no one to hold the frogs…can you guess what’s in those clenched fists?  🙂


Love, Love, Love this one – my favorite so far!


Thanks K family!  I had a great time exploring with you all – hope you like the preview images so far and I will have the rest for you soon!

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