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Through my assignments with Madison Living magazine, I have often have the opportunity to visit local businesses that I wouldn’t otherwise get to see up close.  One of these recent assignments led me to Humble Heart Farms where I got to tour the farm, try some yummy samples, and take home some goat cheese of my own.  Oh, and did I mention I got to see the cutest baby goats ever???

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I’m pretty sure they were all smiling for me 🙂  On the tour part of my visit I was able to sample several of the goat cheese flavors offered by Humble Heart Farms, as well as some of their dessert products.  One of my favorites was the Mediterranean Goat Cheese, which I believe is the sample shown in the picture below.  The other image shows the simple process of making the goat cheese.  The curd is allowed to drain through the cloth until a thick goat cheese is formed.

Commercial Photography

Upon leaving Humble Heart Farms, owner Leslie sent me on my way with 3 different flavors of their goat cheese and some recipes in which to try them out.  Shown in the picture below, the flavors from left to right are Honey, Rio Grande, and Mediterranean.  I found that they were all quite tasty simply spread on some toasted bread.  My other favorite way to use them were in the easy to make recipes that Leslie shared with me, as well as to play around and create a recipe of my own.  I made a creamy Mediterranean Spinach Dip, a quick and easy mini personal cheese cake, and an arugula pear goat cheese pizza (my own creation!).

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If you like goat cheese, I definitely recommend these recipes!  They were all super simple to make and really tasty too!  Here are the recipes below:

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This dip was great warm, but also good the next day right out of the refrigerator!  Thanks to Humble Heart Farms for this recipe.  For a light lunch, try this Arugula Pear Goat Cheese Pizza creation that I put together:

Commercial Photography

And if you want to finish up your goat cheese meal with a quick and light dessert, try this recipe for cute little personal cheesecakes:

Commercial Photography

I really enjoyed visiting this local farm and seeing how this great goat cheese is made right here close to home!  I will definitely be buying more of Humble Heart’s goat cheese at the Madison City Farmer’s Market, which will re-open April 21, 2012.   Also, look for a great article on Humble Heart Farms in the April issue of Madison Living magazine!  I definitely enjoy these commercial and food photography assignments, so if you are in need of some product, food, or commercial photography shots, please contact me for more information!

Have a great week everyone!


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