Lego Ninjago Party! | Huntsville Madison Alabama Children’s Photographer

I realize that my blog posts this summer have gotten very few and far between.  Not because I haven’t been shooting, but just because I’ve been super busy!  I am also super excited that I have my little guy home with me this summer.  We have spent alot of time at the pool, doing art projects, playing outside, etc.  Being an only child, he wants demands alot of my attention…  which honestly, I am happy to give him.  These past few years have flown by so fast and I want to enjoy this time with him while I can.  So if my Facebook and blog posts don’t make it up as fast as they once did – so be it.  And speaking of the years flying by, we celebrated his 5th birthday this past weekend on what may have been one of the hottest days of the year.  Luckily he requested a waterslide Ninjago party.  There are hardly any Ninjago party supplies to be found, and I wondered how I was going to tie the waterslide and Ninjago theme together, but it seemed to work out.  Betsy from Bellyfeathers made me some awesome cupcake toppers and a yard sign.  I just bought the cupcakes from Costco and they were ready to go.  We got our cake from Peggy Ann’s Bakery and it was super yummy.  They made a desert background and we added our own Ninjagos.  For the goody bags, we used Ninjago eyes on some colored bags we ound at the Dollar Tree.  I also found 6 packs of the Red Ninja Juice (Wyler’s Cherry Limeade) at the Dollar Tree and added some cute little birthday labels.  And to finish out the goodies, I attempted to make Ninja sugar cookies with royal icing.  Since it was my first attempt, they weren’t bad 🙂

lego ninjago birthday

The waterslide proved to be a big hit with the 5-year old crowd.  It worked out perfect since it was about 107 degrees outside and our air conditioner went out that morning, making it about 90 degrees inside!

waterslide party

We tied the Ninjago theme into the waterslide by getting some yellow beach balls and giving them some Ninjago gear in the different colors of the Ninjas on the show.  We hung the ninjas on a line and gave the kids some foam swords to practice their ninja moves on the beach balls.  We had hung some balloons on the line to cover it up and it was so hot that a balloon popped about every 5 minutes.  That is, until all the kids decided to use the swords to destroy all the balloons.  Oh well – they had fun doing it!

Ninjago Balloons

Even with the extreme heat and air conditioner troubles, Ethan had a great time celebrating his 5th birthday!  Thanks so much to all the kids/parents that endured the heat and came out to his party.  I’m thinking next year’s party may be at an indoor (air conditioned!) jumping place or something!  Although I say that every year 🙂

ninjago party

Hope everyone is having a happy fun summer!

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